Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's going on...

there hasn't been much visible activity on google code's Kitto lately, but rest assured that work is ongoing on several different tracks.

A rather large undertaking was started to rewrite parts of the javascript generation code, which was giving us problems in terms of code formatting, memory management and evolution. Things are looking quite well on that side; there still are a few things to nail and then we'll hopefully be able to transfer everything to the git repo.

Plus, as we do client work with Kitto we are able to add small and large enhancements most of which can and will find their way to the community version. The downside to that is that client work, while giving us the opportunity to move Kitto forward, uses most and sometimes all our time and development resources, that's why progress looks a bit slow from the outside.

One of these enhancements is a new powerful model virtualization system, which will allow Kitto applications to gather their data from heterogeneous sources (not just SQL-based databases). I'll explain more in a forthcoming post.

Among all this, we are also working on our enterprise offerings, of which we might be able to start showing something very soon. I'll be talking more extensively in a separate post.

Stay tuned!